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We think that YOU, the mover/shaker, the do-er, the knower, the saver, the thinker, the investor, are the best shepherd of your own finances and investments. 

P. Shepherd

Modernizing Portfolio Theory

Technology & financial innovation has increased  exponentially over the last generation, and can have a meaningful impact in your investing.  

1990s- Advent of the internet.  
ETFs launch (offering index replication and diversification).  Personal investors can start to harness pillars of Modern Portfolio Theory which has driven Portfolio Management since the 1950s.
2001- WikiPedia & free dissemination of information

2007- iPhone & apps change user consumption patterns  

2008- Market Crash / Perceptions of "Investing" & Wall st. rocked / Betterment & Robo industry 

2013- Robinhood ushers in 0 fee trading

It's our goal to clearly present the most useful info, to empower you. It's about time we modernize portfolio theory.

Technological Innovation

Based on YOUR assets and investing preferences,
our Portfolio Shepherd will suggest an ETF-based portfolio based on MPT.  We empower you to easily track multiple sample portfolios & rebalance rules, acting as a 'calculator'
utilizing the same math as Robo-Advisors.

We Don't Take Your Money

Use the information that we will give you to invest your money wherever & however you find fit.  

Become a Finance Expert

You don't need an advanced degrees, to take financial accounting courses, or to have years of experience to invest.


  • You are guaranteed worse off by the amount of any fees

  • The most important lessons, are the simplest

    • Start Now (yesterday) | Compounding | Diversification | Control your emotions | Minimize Fees | Know your risks | Pre-Investing Checklist
  • No one can predict the future (or guarantee returns)
  • Even experts never reach the end of their learning

Whether you're a beginner or have been managing your finances a while, we'll further your knowledge with robust and digestible content.

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